Chuck Johnson

pRODUCT’s mission is to create mixed media art and provide a therapeutic outlet for people of all ages. His art comes from the desire to express himself and to create for and with others. As an educator and collaborator on a variety of projects, he believes in the healing power that comes from bringing his feelings into a new creation, and strives to help others experience the same.


He teaches group music lessons for children 6 months to 12 years, DJ workshops for underprivileged children, and music therapy classes to organizations such as Avondale Youth Center. He has also taught production classes for the Governor's School for the Arts at Elkins College in West Virginia and is a co-founder of the Cooking Caravan -- a social enterprise that provides cooking and music workshops to children and families.


pRODUCT is a DJ and producer who works with many of Columbus's most creative musicians. He is a co-founder of Sound Experience Workshops, an organization that provides unique and engaging music workshops for youth in Ohio, West Virginia, and Mississippi. He shares his love of all kinds of music on the monthly podcast Rock n Roll Book Club.


As a photographer, pRODUCT has been commissioned for live musical acts, album art, weddings, portraits, and other private events. In 2015, he developed a photography class for children K-5 at The Ohio State University. He has created videos for musicians and events such as The Independent’s Day Festival, and is a well-versed DJ, VJ, sound engineer, musical scorer, and remix artist.